Splash Screen Shows the Software Version And Logo Of Sponsor(s)

Main Menu of Mutawef  Software you can navigate it using left and right arrows and you can also zoom in or out the user interface

By Clicking 'HAJJ' Icon the 'HAJJ' Screen appears with a selection list to select type of 'HAJJ' change selected item using up and down navigation keys then press fire of  right option button to select an item

By Selecting type of 'HAJJ' you will get the 'NOSOK's screen you can change the day of 'HAJJ' by left and right navigation buttons and for every day you have a selection list with the 'NOSOK's required to be done in this day you can see any 'NOSOK' by pressing select key.

For every 'NOSOK'[Rites] you have screen with three sections

1.      Rites: detailed explanation of the required activities to get this NOSOK done in right way.

2.      Supplication: This gives the preferred supplication(s) in these rites.

3.      Mistakes: gives the frequently marked mistakes in this king of rites.

Press the associated tab number to get it's content displayed
3 for Rtes, 2 for Supplications and 1 for Mistakes.

By Clicking 'UMRAH' Icon the ' UMRAH' Screen appears with a selection list to select 'Umrah' 'NOSOK' required, change selected item using up and down navigation keys then press fire of  right option button to select an item.


For every 'NOSOK' screen after this you can apply what learned from 'HAJJ' Section.

Like HAJJ and Umrah we provide you for detailed guide for Madina Visitation Also.

E-Mutawef:  select it to give you step by step guide at Tawaaf.

Tawaaf Aid: Gives you detailed explanation in every round for Rites And supplications.

Counter: Gives you a tool to not forget the number of round count during Tawaaf (which is urgent need of customers).

All: Gives you benefits of Tawaaf aid and counter in one screen.

Prayer Times: screen gives you the Prayer times every day in Makkah And Madina.

Maps And Pictures: screen gives you valuable geographical information plus interesting 3D illustration graphs for Hajj Rites and Places.

Mawaqeet Al Ehram
Press the Meeqaat associated number to get detailed explanation

Makkah Map

Mina's Map

Muzdalifah's Map

Arafaat's Map

Ritual's Layout

Al Haram Mosque Layout

3D Illustration of  Kappa

3D Illustration of Jamaraat .

3D Illustration of Al Safa And Al Marwa


Residence : screen gives you a unique service enables you to browse more than 500 Hotels and Rentals classified by type and degree. And gives you also geographical map helping you to find it in ease.

Specific Residence data screen scroll to see all the data and press right selection key (Map) to go it's location on the map. And you can also automatically call the residence locally or internationally to make your reservation or inquire any information.
press 1 to call locally or 3 to call internationally.

Location Services : that utilizes MakkahMaps to give the following Services GPS , Send your location to a friend., Search for Hotels. With very powerful navigation map system with zoom levels and street information

Health :screen gives you two types of services

         First one is a detailed health guide for instructions before and during Hajj. Plus Hajj Diseases and how can avoid it and also special women health instructions during Hajj and Umrah.

         Second: a directory for hospital and ability to call then directly.

Search: screen which gives you power of database to search program Hotels , Apartment and Hospitals.

BUREAUS : screen gives you a dictionary for the BUREAUS data addressed , phone and you can call them directly.






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