• A comfortable and easy interface with user friendly menu.

• Accessibility of any function of the program by using Mobile buttons.

• Easy to deal with maps and the possibility of movement and easily browsing through the mobile arrow buttons.

• Flexibility of installation and downloading on the device.

• High resolution materials and maps to help user to zoom in and zoom out as needed.

•The program is compatible with all mobiles which support Java applications, such as Nokia, Sony Ericson, Samsung and more.

• High qualified technical support team and program development to help and achieving every user's goals.


The Mutawef Program is like hajj don't care about sex or language, It made for Muslims around the world who need to make his hajj or Umrah in easy way and high performance In this version we have been tried to make it accessible to the largest possible number of the languages of Muslim peoples so that everyone could deal With and take advantage of the potential that we have made this year to be forteen language as follows:

1 - Arabic.
2 - English.
3 - French.
4 - Spanish.
5 - Indonesian.
6 - German.
7 - Russian.
8 - Turkish.
9 - Persian.
10 - Urdu.
11 - Malawi.
12 -Filipino.
13 - Albanian.
14- Hausa.

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