About Mutawef

Thank God the first place that enabled us to complete the second edition of the “Mutawef” program after the two-year effort.
It started before that the idea of studying the reality of Hajj and Umrah for the visitors and ended the findings and recommendations pleased thanks to God and generosity that has been adapted all went out in the form of “Mutawef” program, which is in reality several programs into one program , it contains ritual legitimacy, maps, housing and extension services and governmental actors.
And we will show you the “Mutawef” programs to make it clear how it’s valuable and important for every visitor to the holly kaaba.
We have released the First version of “Mutawef” in preceding year 9 days before Hajj and was downloaded in installed on about 500,000 mobile although it was in Arabic language only and no advertisement have been made for it, but it have bean spread in a wonderful way that proves the urgent need in market for such tool for Hajj and Umrah.

Who experience Hajj and Umrah, and what obstacles of hardships and difficulties knew the value of the "Mutawef" is.

1. Easy accessibility of program functions using the options lists and standard Mobile buttons.
2. Easy to deal with maps and the possibility of movement and easily browse through the arrow buttons.
3. Ease of download and installation on the device.
4. All screens and maps of the program can be controlled and magnified depending on the preferences if the user (Hajj)
5. The program is compatible with all Java Enabled Mobiles, such as Nokia and Sony Ericson and others.
6. We Have introduced new innovative function called E-Mutawef that leads the Hajj during Tawaf, that will have a magnificent effect on the easiness if Hajj
7. Mutawef is in 13 different languages , that enables the largest community of persons to use this valuable software.
8. Mutawef contains a valuable Maps that use GPS and have all needed data for any person navigating in Mecca.
9. Mutawef will decrease the problem of stranded by it’s accurate maps and find my place function and send my place to friend function.
10. The software will be reviewed every 2 months to add and/or edit the content to keep its data up to date.
11. Mutawef is developed and maintained by a talent team of software developers and its contents is written and reviewed by capable forensic students and translated by certified translators .

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